Senator Street and his fellow Senate Democrats have gone “on tour,” helping state residents sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Senators Sharif Street and Anthony Williams joined activists who filled the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg, calling for an end to what they call “Death by Incarceration.”

The law providing protection against hate crimes for certain groups in Pennsylvania hasn’t been updated in more than 10 years.  Senator Street is co-sponsoring legislation that has been introduced to change that.

Senator Street is working with Governor Wolf and insurance companies to keep health insurance available and affordable, despite the recent decisions coming out of Washington.

State lawmakers still have not agreed to a revenue plan that will generate the funds needed to pay for the budget they passed in June. Senator Street says all eyes are on one legislative chamber that doesn’t seem to be taking care of the interests of all Pennsylvanians.

The efficiency, operation and fairness of how Pennsylvania conducts its elections was brought up during day two of Senate budget hearings.  Senator Street says Pennsylvanians can feel safe about their elections.

Senator Street says Governor Wolf has proposed a state budget for 2017-18 that is fiscally prudent and still makes investments without proposing a broad-based tax increase. The budget plan calls for an additional $100 million in basic education, $75 million for high-quality early education and $25 million for special education.

Loraine Ballard Morrill speaks with newly elected State Senator Sharif Street about an upcoming pardons and expungement event February 13th at Dobbins High School 2150 W. Lehigh Avenue. For more information, call Street’s office at 215-227-6161 or follow the event on Facebook and Twitter @SenSharifStreet, @ltgovstack and #P2POpportunityFair.

Senator Street became the newest member of the Pennsylvania Senate, replacing the retired Shirley Kitchen to represent the 3rd District in Harrisburg, when he took his oath of office on the floor of the Senate just after noon on Tuesday January 3rd —  beginning the 201st session of the General Assembly.  Here the Senator talks about what he’d like to accomplish in his first session of the Senate

Senator-elect Street says the holidays create special stress for those who need a little help to get by.

Senator-elect Street says families should not be embarrassed to go to the food banks if they need help.

Senator-elect Sharif Street of Philadelphia says families who are facing uncertainty because of job layoffs or other financial pressures find it tough this time of year when it comes to providing meals.

Senator-elect Street says if you can’t give food to food banks, give money.

Senator-elect Street says Philadelphia is the type of port that will lead to lots of good-paying jobs.