Harrisburg, PA −September 25, 2019 – Senator Street joined Governor Wolf today who presented the results of Lieutenant Governor Fetterman’s Statewide Cannabis Tour revealing an overwhelming majority of support for cannabis reform.  The administration thanked Senator Street for his efforts on cannabis reform and made three calls to action for the General Assembly to put on his desk the following legislation:

  1. Decriminalization of Cannabis (referencing house legislation and Senator Street’s bill)
  2. Automatic Expungement of low level charges of cannabis possession
  3. Adult Use fully legalizing cannabis use

Lieutenant Governor Fetterman moved to further expand the pardons process by encouraging any individual with small possession charges of cannabis to apply for a Pardon, which would be expedited.

Senator Sharif Street: “I thank Governor Wolf and Lieutenant Governor Fetterman for their leadership in this regard and am grateful for his support of SB233 which would decriminalize the use of cannabis in PA,” said Street, “The history of disparate enforcement of our drug laws which drives over-incarceration as well as the  barriers to access of housing, education, employment and freedom must be deconstructed. I will work with colleagues introduce legislation to expunge low level cannabis charges which will include a framework of restorative justice.”

This policy will be discussed at length during the Legislative Panel on Cannabis Reform on Friday September 27th at the second  annual two-day Cannabis Opportunities Conference  at Temple University Medical School located at 3500 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140.