On Saturday, refugees fleeing the violence in Afghanistan began arriving in Philadelphia.  Asylum is a human right. The men, women and children our service men and women bravely sacrificed their lives to protect still need our help.  As the birthplace of American Democracy, I’m proud the that our city and state are providing the dignity and protection their humanity demands. This week I joined supporters on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum to condemn the cowardly attacks in Afghanistan and stand in solidarity with the families that have reached our city.

I encourage you to do any of the following to support those in need of aid:


If you’re a landlord and can help arrange suitable housing, contact the Nationalities Services Center’s Eduardo Esquival at eesquival@nscphila.org.

HIAS PennsylvaniaYou can also help with temporary housing via HIAS Pennsylvania’s partnership with Airbnb’s Open Homes initiative. Visit their website here: HIAS Pennsylvania

Long term housing is also needed. Realtors and landlords who can provide affordable and stable housing to refugees for six months to a year should contact community engagement specialist Anneke Kat at community@hiaspa.org.


Donate or prepare meals, especially Afghan food, so families have comforting food and a taste of home when they arrive. You can find recipe ideas here: Afghan Kitchen Recipes

Philadelphia based, HIAS, can provide volunteer opportunities and help coordinate.  

Local Donations

Other Ways to Help

Afghan American FoundationThe Afghan American Foundation has a list of 20 organizations that are reputable.

However you choose to help, you can ensure your aid will reach those in need by vetting on Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator reviews nonprofits and recommends  charitable organizations with credibility.

As Americans we are blessed to reside in a stable and safe nation.  Moreover, it is our responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves, especially in times of discomfort or inconvenience. God bless.