Senator Street hosted a Telephone Town Hall on November 16th to discuss the Philadelphia School Superintendent Search. You can hear the entire Town Hall by clicking on the player below:

Senator Street co-hosted a Telephone Town Hall on May 18th to discuss mail-in voting. You can hear the entire Town Hall by clicking on the player below:

Governor Wolf has signed the PA Farm Bill into law. It’s designed to assist farmers in their day-to-day business and open up new markets for their products. Senator Street contributed to the PA Farm Bill’s success.

Pennsylvania is one of only six states that still imposes a sentence of life without parole. Senator Street says that creates more problems than it solves, and he’s proposing legislation that will give some of those “lifers” a chance at parole

The initial 2019 Pennsylvania Budget approved by a House committee does not include funding for the General Assistance program. Senators Street and Vincent Hughes are calling for that funding to be restored.

State lawmakers and activists rallied at the Capitol in Harrisburg in support of Senator Street’s legislation that would legalize adult use of cannabis in Pennsylvania. They say legalization would not only help the state financially, but would correct past injustices.

The state Senate declared June 5th as “Gun Violence Awareness Day” in Pennsylvania. Senator Street and his fellow Senate Democrats are working to keep Pennsylvanians safe by proposing common sense gun laws.

Senator Street and his fellow Senate Democrats are introducing a bill in Harrisburg that will provide funding to insure safety for churches and other non-profit organizations

Senators Sharif Street and Katie Muth have introduced legislation to abolish the death penalty in Pennsylvania.

Senators Street and Art Haywood screened a video at the Capitol in Harrisburg that they say shows the flaws in Pennsylvania’s practice of sentencing inmates to life without parole.

Senator Street is co-sponsoring legislation to legalize adult use of cannabis in Pennsylvania.

Senator Street reacts to Governor Wolf’s 2019 Budget Address

Senator Street is one of the lawmakers and activists who gathered at the state Capitol in Harrisburg to urge passage of legislation that would legalize and regulate the use of cannabis by adults in Pennsylvania.

Senator Street joined with Governor Wolf, fellow lawmakers and activists in a rally in the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg to promote passage of gun safety laws in Pennsylvania.

If a person serves jail time in Pennsylvania for a crime and then is released on parole, a “technical violation” of their parole could send them back to prison. Senator Street is part of a bipartisan group of lawmakers who say this defeats the purpose of parole.

A new year, a new session of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Senator Street talks about what he’s looking to accomplish in the state Senate in the new year.

Senior citizens can be admitted into nursing homes while the paperwork for Medicaid is still being processed. But that’s not the case if they want to receive care at home. The state Senate has passed Senator Street’s legislation to change that.

The state Senate has passed and sent to the Governor a bill designed to get guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

Should Pennsylvania continue to imprison elderly inmates for life — without parole — if they are no longer a threat to the public? Legislation has been introduced by Senator Street to allow these inmates to receive parole.

Reacting to reports that Philadelphia is the poorest big city in America, and that childhood poverty is greater than 20 percent in 13 counties across Pennsylvania, Senator Street joined with Senator Art Haywood in a proposal to attack poverty on several fronts, beginning with raising the minimum wage.

Senator Street and other members of a state Senate committee heard from experts in the fields of trauma and counseling as lawmakers draft legislation to keep Pennsylvania schools safe.

Senator Street suggests some day trips you can take right here in the city this summer.


Senator Street joined with fellow lawmakers, educators and schools to put together a summer reading program that will help kids keep their skills up over the summer months.

Senator Street offers his comments on the passage of the 2018 state Budget

For many elderly and disabled Pennsylvanians, staying in their homes and receiving care is preferable to going to a nursing home. Senator Street was on hand as home care workers rallied at the Capitol in Harrisburg in support of rule changes that would make home care an easier option.

A rally at the state Capitol called for passage of Senator Street’s legislation that would put an end to sentences of life without parole in Pennsylvania.

A rally that Senator Street will host in the state Capitol in Harrisburg will be in support of a proposal to let elderly and infirm inmates leave prison before the end of their sentences.

Democrats in the state Senate laid out their legislative priorities for Pennsylvania in 2018. Senator Street says the state must make sure it takes care of people who are in need.

Supporters of legalizing marijuana in Pennsylvania, including Senator Street, say it could generate new revenue for the state in a number of ways.

Pennsylvania celebrates the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a call from Senator Street for co-operation and understanding.

As the 102nd Farm Show winds down in Harrisburg, state Senator Street says the thousands of exhibits are examples of how important agriculture is to Pennsylvania’s economy and the day-to-day lives of its residents.

Senator Street and his fellow Senate Democrats have gone “on tour,” helping state residents sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Senators Sharif Street and Anthony Williams joined activists who filled the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg, calling for an end to what they call “Death by Incarceration.”

The law providing protection against hate crimes for certain groups in Pennsylvania hasn’t been updated in more than 10 years.  Senator Street is co-sponsoring legislation that has been introduced to change that.

Senator Street is working with Governor Wolf and insurance companies to keep health insurance available and affordable, despite the recent decisions coming out of Washington.

State lawmakers still have not agreed to a revenue plan that will generate the funds needed to pay for the budget they passed in June. Senator Street says all eyes are on one legislative chamber that doesn’t seem to be taking care of the interests of all Pennsylvanians.

The efficiency, operation and fairness of how Pennsylvania conducts its elections was brought up during day two of Senate budget hearings.  Senator Street says Pennsylvanians can feel safe about their elections.

Senator Street says Governor Wolf has proposed a state budget for 2017-18 that is fiscally prudent and still makes investments without proposing a broad-based tax increase. The budget plan calls for an additional $100 million in basic education, $75 million for high-quality early education and $25 million for special education.

Loraine Ballard Morrill speaks with newly elected State Senator Sharif Street about an upcoming pardons and expungement event February 13th at Dobbins High School 2150 W. Lehigh Avenue. For more information, call Street’s office at 215-227-6161 or follow the event on Facebook and Twitter @SenSharifStreet, @ltgovstack and #P2POpportunityFair.

Senator Street became the newest member of the Pennsylvania Senate, replacing the retired Shirley Kitchen to represent the 3rd District in Harrisburg, when he took his oath of office on the floor of the Senate just after noon on Tuesday January 3rd —  beginning the 201st session of the General Assembly.  Here the Senator talks about what he’d like to accomplish in his first session of the Senate

Senator-elect Street says the holidays create special stress for those who need a little help to get by.

Senator-elect Street says families should not be embarrassed to go to the food banks if they need help.

Senator-elect Sharif Street of Philadelphia says families who are facing uncertainty because of job layoffs or other financial pressures find it tough this time of year when it comes to providing meals.

Senator-elect Street says if you can’t give food to food banks, give money.

Senator-elect Street says Philadelphia is the type of port that will lead to lots of good-paying jobs.