Philadelphia, PA − February 17, 2021 – Senator Sharif Street issued the following statement on on Olney Mass Shooting in North Philadelphia :

“Today seven people were shot in the Olney section of North Philadelphia. I represent North Philly. I live there.

This is what a public health crisis looks like. While we keep all families impacted by this senseless violence as well as our community in prayer, this is a public health emergency and the City of Philadelphia must make this declaration.

In two months I’ve attended a vigil of a nine year old girl lost to gun violence, two gun buyback events, met with the District Attorney and Attorney General’s office on gun reform, funding and social services support.

More than a dozen bills on gun reform continue to go ignored in Harrisburg. I’ve reintroduced my bill to ban weapons of war. So many factors to address outpaced by the daily level of violence.

We have no choice but to keep working to address all contributors, which also means engaging the individuals driving these conflicts. I am committed to my community and working on every level to solve this problem.”