Senator Street and PA Sentencing Commission Table Controversial Vote

Philadelphia, Pa. − June 14, 2018 –  On Wednesday June 7th, Senator Sharif Street (D- Philadelphia), and members of the PA Sentencing Commission received testimony on the pending vote to adopt a proposal for a new Risk Assessment tool guide judicial sentencing throughout Pennsylvania.  Senator Sharif Street had previously met with opponents of the tool to hear their concerns.  Opponents of adoption spent more than a week targeting Commission members: State Rep. Joanna McClinton; Senator Sharif...

Led by State Senator Sharif Street, Six State Legislators ask that the Air Permit for SEPTA’s Power Plant be Rescinded in the Environmental Justice Neighborhood of Nicetown

(Philadelphia, Pa.) − June 14, 2018 – On June 12, the day of an appeals hearing, Senator Sharif Street took a strong stand for his constituents’ health, and submitted a letter to the City’s License & Inspection Review Board, requesting that they rescind the City’s Air Permit for SEPTA’s proposed natural gas fired power plant in Nicetown.  Five State Elected Officials representing NW Philadelphia - Senator Art Haywood, Representative Rosita Youngblood, Representative Christopher...

Senator Sharif Street & Advocates Rally To End Life Without Parole

Harrisburg, Pa. − March 28, 2018 − Senator Sharif Street (D-Philadelphia) and allies rallied to end life without parole in Pennsylvania, as outlined in his bill, Senate Bill 942.   “For those out there who believe in the power of God to change the hearts, minds, and souls, we need to acknowledge that and we have the opportunity for those redeemed souls to reunite with their families and that we do not waste taxpayer money incarcerating those who do not need to be incarcerated,” said Senator...

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