PHILADELPHIA November 27, 2023 – Senator Sharif Street, released the following statement regarding the bigoted shooting of three Palestinian American students in Vermont this past weekend.

“Everyone deserves to live a life free from the violence of hate and bigotry. On Saturday a hate crime involving the shooting of three Palestinian American students – Kinnan Abdalhamid, Hisham Awartani, and Tahseen Ahmed – occurred in Burlington Vermont. I pray for their recovery.  I also applaud law enforcement for working quickly to apprehend the shooter. This kind of hate crime must be condemned by us all. 

The rise of Islamophobia, racism and antisemitism is alarming. There are many that would use events abroad as an excuse to attack innocent people here in the US. This must not be tolerated. Moreover, this is another example of tragic gun violence which afflicts so many communities in our country and takes on so many forms. We must both call out hate and simultaneously continue to strive for laws eliminate gun violence, both of which, are a plague on our great nation.”