Philadelphia, PA – June 20, 2021 – Senator Sharif Street releases the following statement on Philadelphia Event Organizers Outsting Israeli Food Truck:

“It was disheartening to hear organizers of “A Taste of Home” disinvite Moshava, an Israeli food company, from participating in Philadelphia’s annual celebration of cuisine.

Philadelphia is the nation’s first World Heritage City, a global distinction as a premier place to visit, live, do business and inspire pride in heritage.

The exclusion of Moshava undermines the spirit of Philadelphia and purpose of this event, a celebration of our cultural differences while uniting communities. Their removal due to threats of violence from others is absurd and has caused division. Given the steep rise in anti-Semitism, we must be vocal and frequent defenders of the Jewish community.

It is my hope that Moshava will be allowed to participate in what should be a unifying celebration of culture and cuisine.”